5K Community Run + Brunch

On Sunday April 22nd at Mercer County Park, CF Motown will be getting a group of runners together in support of our member Mike Doherty’s nonprofit, Powers Promise, who is teaming up again with Ryan’s Quest, to host an annual 5K/5Mile/Family Walk this April.  Both organizations raise awareness and funds to sponsor scientific projects to... READ MORE

Bill Grundler’s Master Experience Seminar

Join Bill Grundler, Competitive Masters Athlete and Coach to learn about longevity in CrossFit. Not just for masters athletes but for anyone who would like to benefit from the wisdom Bill has gained over the years of participating in the sport to help you stay healthy and continuing to make progress. Aging, recovery, training... READ MORE

Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Connection

This seminar is appropriate for coaches, trainers, and athletes of all levels who are familiar with CrossFit and/or training using functional movements. The main takeaway from this seminar is Coach Carl’s “Position-Movement-Purpose” framework with which you can analyze and dissect all movements, no matter how complex, to learn how to safely and efficiently train... READ MORE